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Anonymous asked: Did you go to school to learn how to make these masks/suits? If so, where and what program? If not, how did you get started?

Oh lord I need to be careful with this answer. Super careful. 


I went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, otherwise known as MCAD. I went for their Illustration program, and graduated under that major, though I did learn lots of my sculpting/molding/casting skill from that school, as I was able to integrate a lot of other classes into my major, like the comics classes (MCAD has a comics major as well), the mold making and casting, the 3D courses, photography, and so on. 

My first internship was a year before you’re technically allowed to HAVE an internship, but it landed me at a museum in the art department. There, I learned some AMAZING skills from Doug Henderson, you will recognize his name form this video here: (link)

He taught me a lot about different molding and casting materials, and texturing in sculpting. 

From that experience, I knew I wanted to move into costuming. I LOVE monsters. A lot. but I don’t have the technical skills to do things digitally as far as animation. So Costume was perfect in my mind. I’ve always wanted to do concept art for movies. I had that extra DVD from Van Helsing that included all the monster concept art. That is what I wanted to do, but I figured it’d be nice if I also knew how to build the creatures I drew concepts of, so there I was, at MCAD, learning to pull my art skills together, a special effects internship under my belt already. I figured I had room for one more, so I started looking around. 

At last I chanced upon Clockwork Creature. I knew it was a long shot, but I asked them if they would be willing to have me help them out for three months while I earned some credits for college. 

From them, I learned how to do even more. Masks, I’ve done before, but not in this style. the suits are also due to my time with Clockwork Creature. 

Thanks to my airbrushing skills, and previous knowledge on how to handle molds and casting, I was asked to return after graduation. 

It is HERE that I would like to emphasize that Qarezzel NOR Clockwork Creature Studio has space, time, or money to take on any more interns and they will not be taking on any interns in the foreseeable future. Please do not contact them asking if they know when they might be open to such possibilities.

From here, I ended up signing up for Stan Winston School of Character Arts, and took a class in California taught by Tim Gore. I have been learning more and more things ever since then, so if I were to recommend a nice sound place to learn, I would certainly recommend The Stan Winston School of Character Arts. It’s all online. There are seminars, classes to participate in, webinars (live seminars and demonstrations) and lots of wonderful resources. 

Anonymous asked: What do you use to make your molds?

For the Molds, I use Dragon Skin 30, and usually a mother mold of plaster. 

parliamentrook said: holy crap those prices are great!!

This is why I have no money. 

Haha! Honestly though, yes. They have AMAZING prices, and as expected, the more rare the piece, the more pricey it gets, but that’s of course expected. UGH you would LOVE this place! 


6445 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 866-1140

I don’t usually do reviews, but this place is my absolute favorite place to go when I’m home. The staff are extremely friendly, and really excited to teach you things about rocks and crystals. They can tell you where they came from, how they formed, what they mean in different cultures, and what they were used for, and so on. Really helpful! 

I think I MAYBE covered half the store in these photos. It really doesn’t do them justice. If I had the time, I’d build a light box and photograph some nicer specimens and help them make their website shine, but alas, I had to go home at SOME point. 

Their online presence is at best minimal, so if you want anything, sadly, you have to visit. I can tell you one thing, it’s a really nice attraction. I spend HOURS in this place. EVERYTHING is for sale. One of my favorite pieces, (which SADLY and STUPIDLY I neglected to photograph) is of a fossilized Ammonite Fossil that had opalized. But get this. The opal was DEEP RED. And it’s the size of a salad plate. 


Upon walking in, it would probably feel like walking in to grandpa’s basement but the organization of this place is incredible. The stones are all carefully managed. There’s even a 50% off section in the very back. The staff are very friendly albeit shy, but also extremely helpful. 

I recommend this to anyone that is in the Minneapolis, MN area! 

I’d sign up to buy and ship things to folks who are interested, but I’m no longer there, haha! 

Anonymous asked: I was going through your DeviantArt gallery and I noticed someone said you've gone to Anime Detour??? :D Where do you live? Do you still go? Are you gonna go next year or Minneapolis ComicCon in May, maybe?

Hahaha! I was born and raised a Minnesotan! Lived between The suburbs of Anoka, and Cook, MN. Mom lives in the cities, in North Minneapolis now, and Dad still lives in Cook. If you ever visit Cook, search out The Crescent Bar and Grill. BEST food in town and there’s Angry Orchard on tap! DELICIOUS. (only if yer over 21 though) And if you’re around the Minneapolis area, I SUPREMELY recommend The Enchanted Rock Garden. (I’ll be posting a review shortly.)

ALAS, I now live in Maryland! I went where there was work. I do miss having a table at Anime Detour. Never been to Minneapolis ComicCon though. So sad to say that I probably will not make it to either within the next 5 years. 

All my spare cash (con money) goes towards FurTheMore, MFF (this year, I dunno if I’ll repeat the experience just yet) and Monsterpalooza. 

I am saving up for sure for Monsterpalooza next year. That will take up a pretty penny for flights and luggage and a place to stay. I want to make some monstery connections there. I hear Jordu Schell is usually there and he seems like a fun guy to meet. He’s my sculpting hero. 

Tim Gore is expected as well as a few other artists I want to reconnect with and maybe buy drinks for. 

So yes, I was in Minesota! No, I don’t think I’ll be attending any cons there soon. It’s hard to save up. Wish I could though, Anon! If I was invited to have a table or something, I do think I’d make the effort! 

Nera’s mask progress for her OC, Mar. Made to look to be carved from wood! This one will be rather exciting once completed! 

Nera’s mask progress for her OC, Mar. Made to look to be carved from wood! This one will be rather exciting once completed! 

All the casts are ready for cutting and dremmel tomorrow! Oy. 

All the casts are ready for cutting and dremmel tomorrow! Oy. 

Anonymous asked: Do you have another website where you showcase your works, or is Tumblr the only place you use? :(

I’m still looking to learn a little more about starting up my own website, I’m not good with coding, and I’m not sure what kind of host I want, so until then, it’s just DEVIANTART and WEASYL.

Deviantart is where my more finished works are… Weasyl will include a lot of my reference sheet commissions and sketches. 


Thank you to all who sent in a request, and those who reblogged my work! It is a complete honor to have fans of my work, I am truly humbled! I got 4 masks cast today, hopefully the other half of the commissions will be cast tomorrow. 

So for now, here is an update!

Anonymous asked: How do you make your raptor heads? (Not the skulls) Do you sculpt each one individually or do you have a mold?

I have a mold that I slush cast into, yep!